Personal Tax Filing

Hire an experienced team necessary for complex Tax Filings.

Hire an experienced team necessary for complex Tax Filings

Our main priority is to efficiently assist individuals in meeting their tax obligations in a timely manner and avoiding common pitfalls by having a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) guide them through the process. We also look to utilize the latest technology to streamline the filing process and allow our clients to meet their tax obligations with ease.

Our team of professionals aim to inform and educate each client with the tax standards pertaining to their file, in order to create awareness and recognition of their obligations.

Why  Us

Certified Public Accountants (CPA)

Unlimited Support and Virtual meetings

Up front pricing

Personal Tax Services

Federal personal income tax returns for U.S. citizens and residents (Form 1040)

Federal personal income tax returns for non-residents (Form 1040NR)

State personal income tax returns

Federal gift & estate tax returns (Form 709, Form 706)

Federal estate income tax returns (Form 1041)

Report of foreign bank and financial accounts for U.S. citizens and residents (FBAR)

Tax consequence analysis of holding/disposing property in the US as a non-resident (FIRPTA)

Treaty positions, planning, income source and classifications

Stock option election planning

IRS Amnesty programs

IRS tax disputes

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