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We have a team of US (CPA) Certified Public Acountants and Candian (CPA) Charted Professional Accountants.

Canadian tax filing in the US

Triple M Professional Corporation specializes in cross-border taxation and treaty based filings. Our team aims to support clients in navigating Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations.

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Certified Public Accountants

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Personal filings

  • Federal and provincial tax filings- T1 general and supporting schedules.
  • Non-resident rental property filings- Section 216, NR4, NR6 applications
    and agent services.
  • Non-resident Actors, athletes and Entertainer tax filings-
  • Tax waivers based on treaty agreements
  • Clearance certificates for disposition of Canadian Assets

Corporate filings

  • Foreign Corporate tax filings- T2 returns
  • Treaty based exemptions and waivers- NR303, Reg 102/105 waivers
  • GST/HST registration for non-resident corporations
  • Canadian Payroll set-up for non-resident corporations
  • Setting Up Canadian Subsidiaries
  • Facilitate withholding tax to non-resident contractors and shareholders

Investor Relations

  • USMCA treaty based agreements and exemptions
  • Cross border tax planning
  • SR&ED credits for foreign corporations operating in Canada
  • U.S. tax residency analysis for expats (resident alien vs non-resident alien)
  • Tax Residency status analysis
  • Financial models and investor relations

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